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BiT'g Under One Roof

As we started down this road, the idea is to get the bands and artists associated with Shea Quinn to be "under one roof." In this way, the confusion ends as to where to find THE LUV GODS, SHARKS, THE BAND WHO SOLD THE WORLD, QUINN AND THE FINNZ, and more... instead, just come to this web site or to the Bands-In-Town (BiT) web site (https://www.BandsInTown/SheaQuinn) to catch the schedule updates for Shea as they occur.

The focus this past couple of weeks has been to ensure that the scheduling is up-to-date and that graphics were on each event.

The focus will continue with

----- Proper images to each evet

----- Redirecting LUVGODS.COM to this web site

----- Redirecting to this web site

----- Training and giving access to specialized bloggers to keep this site updated

----- To direct BiT LuvGods to BiT Shea Quinn

----- To direct BiT The Band Who Sold the World to BiT Shea Quinn


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