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Enter Stage Right

Hello! This is JR and this category of blogs highlights the available resources to follow the various bands and artists affiliated with Shea Quinn. This set of blogs also presents the background, history, and plans for the future.. However, our focus remains with the keeping to the main purpose of this web site: Where and when to find Shea Quinn performances. Currently (2022.02.23), several web pages, FaceBook pages and groups, and Bands-In-Town artist pages exist for the several bands and artists associated with Shea Quinn. In this year (2022), the decision was made to consolidate all of these into one set of resources to improve the web presence. To this end, the web page will be renamed to but with still remaining as an Internet address but it, along with others ( will point to This will eliminate the need for looking for the various bands on their own to find out where Shea Quinn is performing and for contact information. Along this line, the FaceBook page are planned to merge into Shea Quinn Bands ( and the Bands-In-Town artists will migrate to a Shea Quinn artist page. We plan to create the new sites, pages, and other resources within the next coming months and ensure that everybody has ample opportunity to move, join, follow, or otherwise find Shea Quinn through this new single set of resources.

All of this takes time and effort. Plus we do not want confusion to exist, so we will ensure that information is adequately presented on multiple platforms as we progress. The current focai are on updating the web site names (URL's), keeping Bands-In-Town accurately updated, and tying the Shea Quinn Bands Facebook page with Bands-In-Town. Stay tuned for more to come.


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